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Hot-Melt Systems Maintenance Kit Series DR. KLEAN

EN - Technical Information Dr Klean

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Having problems with cleaning and maintaining your bonding system? No problem ! Now there's DR KLEAN, the first "turnkey" kit for maintaining your hot melt adhesive applicator, launched on the market by the EDUCATION Division of PREO SRL. The kit is made up of materials of the highest quality and comes complete with: 1 x 5 lit jerry can of Olio Ecocleaner 96 - 1 instruction manual - 1 pair of safety glasses - 3 protective masks - 1 pair of scald proof gloves - 10 cotton swabs - 3 cleaning sticks.


A complete, multi-language manual provides step-by-step instructions that are complete and precise, covering every phase of cleaning the bonding system.


This is an ecological, clear, colourless oil that is ready for use, not dangerous and easy to use. It is insoluble in water, does not cause a chemical reaction with other materials, and does not cause corrosion. It is suitable for solving problems with detaching encrustation and carbonised residues from applicator tanks, and makes it possible to achieve excellent results even with polyamide, or polyurethane hot melt products. When covered with a thin layer of oil, surfaces acquire a non-stick property, which increases the flow of the adhesive over the walls of the tank and in the entire system. Its purity and the fact that its technical characteristics remain unaltered after being used a number of times, make this product unbeatable in cleaning operations and prevents plants from getting gouged and scratched. Ecocleaner 96 protects the environment and people as it does not produce bothersome or harmful emissions during use.


These are able to withstand high temperatures and are recommended for cleaning the tank as they do not transmit the heat to the handgrip. At the end they have a 30° angle to make it easy to clean even difficult to reach parts of the tank without damaging the internal coating.


These are able to withstand high temperatures and provide excellent thermal protection up to 350°C. Especially recommended for service operations, their ergonomic shape allow an excellent grip on the parts to be handled.


As an addition to the safety kit, special safety glasses and masks are available that are designed to guarantee sure protection against fumes produced during routine maintenance operations.


Used along with the sticks and the Ecocleaner 96 Ecological Oil, these white cotton disposable swabs that are highly absorbent are very useful during the various stages of removing adhesive residue in the melting tank, as they do not leave any lint when used.