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Guns Series COLD LINE

EN - Technical Information Cold Line

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The COLD LINE series guns for vinyl glues are indicated for precise applications of dots, lines, spray, spyro and spreading. Main features are: speed up to 6,000 cycles per minute, AMX 45module with exclusive system of gaskets with replaceable double cartridge, zero cavity self-cleaning nozzle, protective non-stick coating on gun body, integrated glue filter. A wide and complete range of models enables even the most demanding customer to always find the best solution to any gluing problem.


Made of "Ergal" (a material that considerably improves resistance to mechanical stress), the body has a hard oxide coating to make cleaning and maintenance faster and safer.


A standard feature of the guns is the new AMX 45 module, which is responsible for the precision and regularity of the application of adhesives. Results were made possible only due to particular care during the design and manufacturing processes. The main prerogative is the innovative system of gaskets with replaceable double cartridges which guarantee a perfect seal at high pressure as well as minimal, low-cost, simple and lasting maintenance. The gun comes with Zero-Cavity self-cleaning nozzles in stainless steel with hole ranging from a minimum of 0.25 mm to a maximum of 1.2 mm.


Guarantees better distribution of the adhesive and prevents the nozzle from clogging due to the presence of impurities in the adhesive. Integrated into the gun body, it is easily accessible and can be replaced quickly.