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Applicators EASY TOUCH Series P1

EN - Technical Information Easy Touch P1

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The new P1 EASY TOUCH Series applicators for hot-melt adhesives with pneumatic pump are significantly innovative in terms of simplicity of use, productive flexibility, maintenance operations and costs, speed of installation, easy programming, high safety standards, exceptional reliability and total integration with any existing assembly line. They represent a quality solution for application of thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives in several sectors. The EASY TOUCH systems are equipped with a new microprocessor with 7" LCD Touch Screen colour display, through which, with a single graphic interface showing all sections of the system (tank, manifold, hoses and guns). The operator is supported in everyday activities like managing and setting temperatures, pump control, setting machine parameters and glue sections, and integration and communication with any external units, allowing for immediate use of the system even by non-specialized personnel, without any problems involving codes or foreign languages to be interpreted. The EASY TOUCH melters have a new melting tank, entirely redesigned, to distribute the heat more evenly over the entire surface, thus obtaining a more precise and effective melt, with significant energy savings. The particularly well-finished design makes the system appreciable even in aesthetic terms. Every part of the applicator can be inspected easily by opening the practical body system. EASY TOUCH Applicators - customizable in several configurations and capable of satisfying all gluing needs - allow the operator to work in complete safety and to significantly optimize application times without wasting time uselessly..


The following are some of the main functions of the new user interface: sequential channel heating, machine ready and pump start signals, absolute maximum temperature protection system, Economy Dual Mode, Weekly Program with Daily ECO function, colour status button with real time diagnostics and Screen Saver function, hose-gun coupling thermal regulation deactivation, LOG file for system register, Life Hours/Work Hours/Pump Cycles counter, machine parameters and Firmware updates uploaded and downloaded through a USB port, customizable system section and glue program names, and parameter Copy/Paste function.


The new tank was entirely redesigned to ensure perfect efficiency in terms of melting evenness and capacity. The large loading inlet open on 3 sides makes filling easier, optimizing cleaning and maintenance operations. The heaters are positioned on the bottom of the tank and across the melting fins, and are specifically designed to create a special grid to improve the melting of the glue more efficiently, so it can slide directly towards the pump drawing spot. This heating system allows a homogeneous and uniform distribution of the heat improving the thermal efficiency of the whole system with a consequent energy saving. The rapid discharge facilitates the collection of any impurities in the adhesive or burnt glue residue, conveying them to a single sump and preventing them from being sucked up by the pump and causing a machine shutdown, also allowing for quick cleaning operations either for maintenance purposes or to replace the adhesive.


Guarantees absolute precision in the pneumatic pump inversion cycle, thus assuring that the adhesive flow rate is always constant and balanced, significantly reducing the lack of adhesive during the inversion cycle. The use of reed-switch type proximity sensors (protected and sealed inside the electronic cylinder, and therefore never in contact with the outside environment and not subject to wear) increases the reliability of life cycles, reducing machine shut-downs for malfunctions or maintenance, giving the system mechanical solidity, in addition to resistance to environmental conditions and to electrical and electromagnetic disturbances.


The 14:1 dual-effect piston pump is ideal for melting and applying adhesives and thermoplastic materials with a viscosity of up to 30,000 Cps. Treated with a hard oxide coating, it is easy to extract in case of maintenance or replacement operations. The bottom of the pump is inspectable in order to check the conditions of the suction sphere.


Easy to access and replace, it guarantees excellent quality of application, preventing impurities in the adhesive from clogging the nozzles. There is a wide range of available models (with single or multi-layer filtering micro-mesh, and different pitches starting from 200 micron) depending on the type of adhesive used.


A standard part, it guarantees maximum safety during operation by automatically discharging residual pressure in case of emergency or system shut-down.