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Hot-Melt Guns Series FLOW

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The adhesive stringing, even known as “Angel Hair”, is the main critical problem noticed during the application of high viscosity adhesives (PUR) with hot melt guns.

Thanks to a long-time experience in this sector and to ours engineers high abilities, PREO has developed a hot melt guns series (Flow Series) that doesn’t reduce the famous “Angel Hair “ problem, but eliminates it at all.

The Flow Series hot melt guns are only in the world for design and patent: the hard-metal needle is specifically drilled along its axis allowing, through the supply of a little air flow, to eliminate and pinch the residual adhesive from the nozzle that otherwise could dirty your product.

Suitable for automatic and robotized applications, they can be used for 3 – 4 mm bead distribution and are equipped with auto cleaning zero-cavity technology nozzles.