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Automatic Hot-Melt Adhesive Filling System Series TWISTER F-15

EN - Technical Information Twister F-15

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The automatic hot-melt adhesive filling system Series TWISTER F-15 may be installed and used on any existing gluing system. It permits glue to be loaded into the machine automatically and maintains the glue level constant in the tank without needing the intervention of an operator. TWISTER F-15, with absolutely dependable technical characteristics, consists of essentially two main elements: the control unit and the suction pump. The control unit is connected to a sensor that detects the level of the adhesive inside the melting tank. When the level is low, a precise signal is sent to the suction pump, which intervenes by loading small quantities of glue with the goal of keeping the tank constantly full, and in this way avoiding carbonization and exposition of the glue to external contaminants. Installing the TWISTER F-15 system requires less than one hour of time, a power outlet and an air supply feed.TWISTER F-15 technical features guarantee a return on the investment in only 6 months; thanks to the automatic glue refill the manual intervention by the operator will be drastically reduced generating a considerable saving in maintenance costs for the whole system and warranting no machine downtime caused by glue shortages in the tank. Further advantages using TWISTER F-15 are the elimination of risks for the operator of contact with hot glue and no risk of contaminating the glue with external agents keeping the original adhesive properties, reducing carbonization process and avoiding thermal shock dangerous for the correct conservation and adhesive use.


The control unit, complete with microprocessor, controls and manages all phases of loading of the glue from the storage container to the melting tank. The system also has a button for manual loading. Another useful, practical and original feature that distinguishes the Twister F-15 from the competition is the possibility to unhook the control unit from the storage container.


Made entirely of stainless steel, this part directs the granules of adhesive into the melting tank without dispersion. Its cone-shaped form was specifically designed, and allows it to be used on all existing systems, no matter what the brand or ype of machine.


A special lance probe is inserted inside the melting tank. The probe detects variations in the level of glue with absolute precision, and sends load and stop signals to the suction pump.


The hermetic system for the connection of glue and air tubes and the protection filter installed on the bin side, allow to use TWISTER F-15 avoiding the risk of contaminating the glue with external agents keeping the original adhesive properties, reducing carbonization process.


A particular vibration system connected with the suction pump prevents lumps from forming in the glue, which could block the suction process.


A system of suction works through an innovative, powerful Venturi pump that was completely designed by Preo, built in stainless steel and treated Ergal. The suction pump does not contain any moving parts, thus excluding the possibility of mechanical failure and eliminating time needed for maintenance.