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PREO offers a wide range of products indicated for hot melt glue application designed and manufactured as a result of a long-time experience in this sector. We propose applicators, thermo-heated hoses, automatic, electromagnetic and manual guns, slot guns, modules, nozzles and microprocessors according to customer requirements.
PREO accessories are highly reliable and stand out for their adaptability to any existing gluing system currently available on the market.
Cleaning And Maintenance
PREO proposes a wide range of original spares and products suitable for your systems’ cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing their quality and efficiency to each use.
Cold Glue
PREO offers a wide range of products adapt for cold low viscosity adhesives gluing. The cold glue application systems, pattern control and automatic guns are highly reliable and long-lasting.
Special Applications
PREO special applications are the result of a long-time experience in this sector. Conceived for industrial automation, the custom-made robotized systems can be installed on any existing gluing system.