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Cold Glue

Cold Glue
Cold Glue Application Systems
The glue application systems are indicated for distributing cold low viscosity water-based adhesives. They are available with piston or gear pumps.
Cold Glue
Cold Glue Pattern Controller
PREO offers the COLD LINE glue pattern control TRATTO series, usable on standard and variable speed machines. The product stands out for his simple programming procedure and the innovative graphic interface.
Cold Glue
Cold Glue Automatic Guns
The guns COLD LINE series are indicated for dots, line, spray, spyro and coating applications. They are very long-lasting and are highly reliable thanks to an extreme supplying precision.
Cold Glue
Dispensing Valves
The dispensing needle valves are suitable for almost all kinds of fluids and are adapt for many industries including the cosmetics and electronics. They guarantee precise services without any fluid drip.