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Cold Line Glue Pattern Control Series TRATTO

EN - Technical Information Cold Line

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The COLD LINE, glue pattern control TRATTO Series can be used on high speed systems, both with in encoder mode (for variable speed machines), and with a timer (for constant speed machines). The programmer can memorise up to 99 different gluing programs and manage up to 8 independent guns (channels), each one able to distribute 8 different glue beads (both lines and dots). The simple programming procedure and the innovative graphic interface with a "Rotary Switch" program selector facilitates programming operations.


A liquid crystal display shows icons of all programmable sections and their relative parameters, thereby making it possible for even non-specialised personnel to program the system, immediately and very simply, with no problems of codes or foreign languages to interpret. A specific notification area monitors machine status during operations constantly and "dynamically". In case of alarms or anomalies, error messages will be visualised.


The "Rotary Switch" is a particular control device for the COLD LINE. All system parameters are very easily entered, programmed, modified and set with this selector.