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The EASY TOUCH systems are equipped with a new microprocessor with 7" LCD Touch Screen colour display, through which, with a single graphic interface showing all sections of the system (tank, manifold, hoses and guns). The operator is supported in everyday activities like managing and setting temperatures, pump control, setting machine parameters and glue sections, and integration and communication with any external units, allowing for immediate use of the system even by nonspecialized personnel, without any problems involving codes or foreign languages to be interpreted. 

The following are some of the main functions of the new user interface: sequential channel heating, machine ready and pump start signals, absolute maximum temperature protection system, Economy Dual Mode, Weekly Program with Daily ECO function, colour status button with real time diagnostics and Screen Saver function, hose-gun coupling thermal regulation deactivation, LOG file for system register, Life Hours/Work Hours/Pump Cycles counter, machine parameters and Firmware updates uploaded and downloaded through a USB port, customizable system section and glue program names, and parameter Copy/Paste function.


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