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Hot melt

Easy UBM Series: the first and only zero maintenance applicators in the world for Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesives in cartridges.

They are the ideal solution for melting and applying small quantities of PUR adhesive in a variety of sectors such as paper-transformation, bookbinding, textiles, and assembly.

The UBM series uses the “MOD” technology (Melt On Demand) that makes it innovative and only in the world for its patented operating system.

Once the PUR cartridge is inserted and hooked into the melting plate, the lower piston (the only component in movement of the whole system), pushes the cartridge from the bottom guiding it and melting only the required amount of adhesive.

The patent peculiarity consists in this property: with the emissions of radiation upwards, it will be heated only the required amount of adhesive necessary for  the supply (“melt on demand” technology), avoiding to melt the entire cartridge as happens in all the other equivalent systems.  The lower part of the cartridge will always be ambient-temperature until it will be in very close contact with the melting plate, assuring a perfect PUR preservation that won’t undergo deteriorations or reticulations.

Another advantage of the Easy UBM Series applicator is the total absence of glue residuals in the system, that could involve the channels’ clogging and consequently a continuous maintenance of the machine (almost once a week); in addition, thanks to the system technology, is not necessary the use of dry air for prevent the product oxidation and its reticulation in contact with the air humidity.

This feature provides images of all sections of the machine (tank, pipes, and guns) and the relevant parameters, making it extremely simple to programme the system even for non-specialist personnel. There are no problems involving codes or foreign languages to interpret. A notification area constantly and dynamically monitors the machine's status. Specific messages are displayed for alarms, errors and malfunctions. A rotary switch is used to set all system parameters very easily.

The system uses mono-component PUR adhesive cartridges with a diameter of 125-150 mm and maximum height 200 mm. The cartridge fits directly into the tank with its aluminium inliner and there is no need to add inert gas or dried air. This procedure prevents harmful vapours from being released during the cartridge change phase – a simple, quick and completely safe procedure, thanks to a special system.

All parts of the applicator can be inspected easily because of a practical body design system that opens quickly to facilitate cleaning, especially around the pressure plate area. Thanks to this innovative construction method the entire plant requires almost no maintenance, with clear savings in terms of time and money.

The applicators are fitted with variable speed AC motors run by horizontally positioned inverters. This arrangement minimises overall dimensions and provides easy access both for inspection and maintenance, through a quick connector and an easy-to-open body system.

The system is fitted with very precise and reliable gear pumps made of fully tempered high speed steel (HSS) with different flow rates. Like the other internal parts of the applicator, the pump is easy to remove in case of maintenance or replacement.

This valve maintains the pressure constant with machine settings and ensures the utmost safety during system operation by releasing the pressure of the adhesive inside the plant automatically and safely, even in the event of an emergency.

The applicator display shows the output pressure of adhesive at the manifold, monitored by a sophisticated control system. The display can be read like a traditional digital pressure gauge, indicating the pressure of the adhesive in bars.

The melt on demand melting system only heats the quantity of adhesive required. A piston is activated that presses the cartridge onto the melting plate to feed the manifold. This system makes it possible to reduce thermal stress to a minimum, protecting the remaining adhesive that is perfectly preserved in its original packaging.


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